What are the benefits of mulch?

Enhances the aesthetics of your home or propertyA fresh application of mulch improves the curb appeal of your property.  In addition to looking good, mulch will also help to keep the plants and flowers in your beds healthy.

Control weeds. By installing the recommended layer of mulch, you are providing a natural barrier to minimize weed growth in your beds.  The mulch acts to block the sun from the soil blocking the sun from reaching the soil.

Prevention of soil erosion. Mulch creates a natural barrier between the soil and the elements such as wind and rain allowing essential nutrients to remain.  

Water conservation. The recommendation of 2-4” of mulch will help to keep your soil from drying out in the North Carolina summer heat.  There is also the added benefit of reduced usage of your sprinkler system which could potentially save you some money

What are the benefits of pine straw?

Pine straw, or pine needles, are a popular choice for use in landscaping applications in the South due to its abundance.  Pine straw is naturally acidic when it decomposes, making it the perfect choice around plants that prefer a more acidic soil environment (Azaleas, Camellias, etc.).  Pine straw tends to stay in place longer due to the way the needles lock together.  This makes pine straw ideal on areas around your home or property that are sloped.  In addition, pine straw comes in bales so it is easier to install.

How much mulch do I need?

There are varying schools of thought on amount of mulch to install.  We recommend applying mulch from 2-4” in depth.  Any less than 2” and your mulch erode or wash away exposing the soil below.  Any more than 4” and you are not only spending your hard earned money on product you don’t need, but you run the risk of reducing air flow to your plant roots not reaching the soil.

Which type of mulch is right for me?

At Mulch & More, we offer a variety of mulch products to fit your landscaping needs.  If you are starting with a new bed, consider what color of mulch will complement your home or properties existing color or plant features.

Can you recommend someone who can install mulch for me?

Absolutely.  We have built a network of local, trusted landscape professionals who can safely and properly install your mulch or landscape products.

How often should I install mulch or pine straw?

We generally recommend mid to late spring as the optimal time to install fresh mulch to your landscape or property.  You want to allow the soil time to warm

What should I do before I install mulch?

  1. Remove unwanted plants and weeds:  Removing unwanted plants and weeds can be accomplished by using a herbicide one to two weeks prior to installation of new mulch or by hand and with a rake
  2. Trim bushes and trees in on your property around areas that will have mulch installed:  We recommend trimming your bushes and trees prior to installing mulch to keep your beds looking fresh.  You don’t want to install a fresh layer of mulch and then have to pick out leaves and debris
  3. Rake out your beds:  Raking out your beds will ensure they are free of debris and clippings.  Raking will also allow you to cultivate the soil a bit which will promote air circulation through the soil.  Make sure to rake the beds smooth to allow for a uniform surface prior to installation of mulch
  4. Edge your beds:  After you have cleaned all unwanted weeds and debris, now is the time to re-edge your beds or install decorative edging.  Edging your beds can be accomplished with a shovel or specialized edging tool

Install mulch:  Install 2-4” of mulch in your beds in a uniform manner using your hands or a rake to smooth your new mulch

Do you deliver?

We have a fleet of vehicles that deliver to your property or job site six days a week. No job is too small or too large.